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6 Tips for Selecting a Digital Transformation Partner

Although sometimes hard to admit, there is currently no way to go around technology with its wide grasp and long reach and even a bigger potential client pool. Sadly, most companies that fail to adapt to digitalization slowly fall down to the bottom of the list. With the ongoing situation, the adaptation to digitalization has definitely become accelerated.

Picking out a digital transformation consulting partner or finding the right digitalization consulting partners can sometimes be a hard thing to do especially if the business is not yet completely sold out with the whole digitization process. There are definitely a lot of benefits to digitalization and automation that most digitalization consulting firms would mention but out of them, there are three reasons that really stand out.

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Here are the 3 best reasons why digital transformation is needed:

1. Customers are already expecting it

Convenience. Convenience is definitely one of the determining factors if a customer stays or a customer goes. The convenience that a specific business provides can be directly correlated to how the customers respond to the business.

Convenience, nowadays, means that a business is technologically proficient and can easily be accessed through the use of technology. A common habit for most people these days is to check the internet before actually availing a particular product or service from an unknown company.

Customer Satisfaction. This is now known as the “legitimacy” test and if a business does not have a satisfactory online presence or does not function with automation, the potential customer could be turned off.

2. This is how to become more efficient

Efficiency in systems upgrade can be quite an adjustment for those businesses that are used to functioning the traditional way for quite some time now. With a better systematic approach and digital automation, a business could easily scale up in the amount of customers entertained, the amount of products or services provided, and also the communication within the company itself.

Digital transformation not only smoothens the way customers or clients perceive the business, they also allow the business to function much smoothly internally as well. Important information could automatically be relayed within the business allowing fast response and better service.

3. Jump on to better opportunities 

With digitalization comes the opportunity for better opportunities. These opportunities are a result of smoother services as well as better online presence. Although cultivating and achieving digital transformation is usually complicated, there are transformation consulting services that could help point the business in the right direction.

Marketing Opportunities. Better opportunities include a wider clientele, and also positioning the business in a way that not only goes after clients and customers, but is in a spot where customers and clients themselves approach the business.

Internal Opportunities. Better opportunities also happen internally. There could be opportunities that present itself once the system is smoothened out. These include expanding the business itself like adding additional products or services once the system for the existing products or services permit expansion.

Once the decision has been made to take the leap into digitalization, it’s finally time to pick the right digitalization consulting partners for the next few steps. The question is, which digital transformation consulting company should the business partner with?

There are a number of digital transformation consulting services out there and although it is tempting to go straight for the most affordable, quality and authenticity of service should still be the most important factor.

There are six effective tips that can be followed to help pick out the perfect digital transformation partner. Although not entirely complete, these six tips are quite effective and could also be applicable to other segments of business.

ICTS Custom Software

Here are the six tips to pick the right digitalization consulting partner:

1. What do others say about the digitalization consulting service?

Checking reviews regarding the whole digital transformation consulting service should be the first move to make when assessing the service provider. The number of reviews is also important but another thing that needs to be done is to check for the authenticity of the reviews. Sometimes, some companies write their own reviews which is why it is necessary to see just where they come from.

2. How long has the transformation consulting service been operating?

Most likely, the longer the company has been operating, the more experience they have when it comes to the digitalization field. Although there are a few new companies that function just as good or sometimes even better than older companies, this has to do with who is behind the company and are their clients completely satisfied.

3. How are their previous clients fairing now?

It’s always good to see the results of the digitalization consulting services direction and work put into a client. Seeing the actual results is usually hard since that information is not always available, but with a masterful judgement, checking the businesses website or doing some research should point to the right direction.

4. Who is involved in the company?

Knowing the brains behind the whole transformation consulting service is the best way to assess whether or not the service is worth getting. Aside from the background of the people behind the company, the character of those people could also help in the decision making process.

5. How many clients has the company had?

The number of clients is also a good indicator that the digitalization consulting service is doing well. Some companies have existed for longer but have fewer clients than those who have just started. When deciding between the two, pick the one with more and bigger clients.

6. How much does their service cost?

Last but not the least, it is important to know what is “too much” and what is “affordable”. This can be done by making a list of digitalization consulting services and comparing which ones are more effective and at what price do they quote their services. Pick the one that is both confident and also offers its services at a good price.

ICTS is a Vietnam-based software development boutique that focuses on cutting-edge technologies. We help SMEs (small and medium enterprises) digitize their business and handle the digital transformation in the most professional way, at a reasonable budget.

Contact us and discover what benefits we can bring to your digital transformation project.

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