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Vue.js is one of the most progressive frameworks that can be used for building user interfaces. One thing that really makes this framework great is that the core library itself is mostly focused directly on the view layer only. This makes things very easy to both pick up and integrate along with other libraries or even other existing projects.

On the other hand, Vue is actually also a perfect fit when it comes to powering sophisticated Single-Page Applications when being used directly in combination with the other modern tooling as well as the supporting libraries.

When it comes to picking the right framework for building a user interface, there might be a lot of options out there but Vue is one of the best to use in order to deliver a quality interface. 

Here are the benefits of using Vue.js

1. Flexibility

One of the best things about Vue.js is that it is both flexible and scalable. When in practice, this actually means that it can be utilized for a huge modular Single Page app as well as constructing small and interactive parts that are to be integrated with the use of another technology.

In other words, Vue is malleable to be anything that it needs to be. It can just be a library within the developers’ protection or it may also be a full-featured framework that can be utilized to build a whole entire product.

2. Handy conventions

Save Resources. When writing the boilerplate code, this could really sink both time and resources which is why Vue.js is necessary to avoid the really busy work. This can be done by the built-in solutions as well as enforcing certain effort-saving conventions.

Convenience. Some of these also include the native support for certain things just like state management, composing components, and animations. Although this might seem uber technical, the fact of the matter is this: why waste precious time reinventing the whole wheel when developers can easily use Vue.

3. Future-proof

Updates. Maintenance is usually an oft-forgotten portion of the whole software development process. After finishing developing the app, all that needs to be done is to keep updated with the bug fixes, the new features, and also the other improvements.

Vue.js makes sure that the updating process gets easier and easier. New releases that include large updates are done while still maintaining as much of the backwards compatibility as possible. This means that there should be a 90% compatibility between the 1st and 2nd version.

Refraction Not Immediate. To add to things, using a particular Vue-based project won’t even need a refractor quickly. This frees precious resources up for the feature development instead of what is known basically as rework from the whole business’ point of view.

4. Developer-friendly

Developers really dig Vue.js not just because of the technology, but this is because the whole thing is made with them specifically in mind.

Vue CLI. First, there’s a Vue CLI where CLI means “command line interface”, which is a handy tool that is able to make a new project easy to start. This is also much more flexible when it comes to its competitors as well as providing quite a lot of preconfigured setups.

Vue GUI. There is also a graphical interface known as Vue GUI available. This allows users to get started on their project even without first typing cryptic commands straight into the given terminal.

Some examples of these useful Vue tools include nuxt.js, Vue Storefront, and lastly, Vuetify.

5. Learn from the mistakes of others

One more thing that makes Vue pretty solid is the main fact that it’s newer in comparison to its competitors. The creators were able to learn from the previous predecessors’ mistakes, especially when it comes to the issues that were present in the AngularJS 1.x.

These clunky, illogical, and also hacky bits of the other major frameworks won’t be found on Vue.

6. Performant and size-efficient

Vue.js is composed of the best out of whatever bits of resources that are put into it. First of all, Vue apps are generally smaller in size which makes the load faster and also means that they use less bandwidth. Vue is also typically more performant compared to the equivalent applications apps that are built on other frameworks.

There are legitimate benchmarks of comparison to prove Vue is better in a few fields in comparison to its competitors. While on the performance side, Vue is said to take care of major optimizations by itself which means there isn’t really a need for the developers to worry about tweaking as the application grows.

7. Progressive

When there is a project that is in need of a decent performance boost, rewriting it directly on Vue might be the saving grace. Due to its progressive nature, this framework can now be introduced directly into the codebase just gradually. There is no need to completely rework the whole thing in just one fell swoop.

Going component by component ensures that the whole endeavor becomes much more manageable instead.

8. Popular

Although going for the one that a lot of people choose is not always a good thing, this is very important in programming because more users means more support and there is a reason for its popularity.

Amongst its users is the popular media giant NBC as well as America’s MIT. Of course, picking Vue.js is no mistake. There is a reason why these big names decided to use this framework.

These are eight reasons why you might want to pick Vue.js as the next framework to use next. Although there are viable competitors to choose from, these eight reasons are solid enough reasons to choose this framework.

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