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React Native, although sometimes still underestimated, is still proven to be one of the best frameworks to build a great user interface. In fact, for those who did not know, 6 of the biggest apps in the world were actually made using React Native for Mobile App development. While some people think that React Native is mostly used by small and medium enterprises, these mobile apps might be enough to prove them wrong.

Six of the most popular mobile apps in the world were actually configured with the React Native framework. Take note, these are not just small and medium enterprises, in fact, these are huge corporations with millions of users all over the world. This goes to show that React Native is not just a small framework but a very easy-to-use and very stable framework for developing mobile apps.

6 popular apps made with React Native:

1. Facebook

Obviously, Facebook is one of those popular mobile apps that were developed in React Native. In fact, React Native initially started as Facebook’s simple hackathon project development in order for it to respond to the company’s needs. Facebook initially wanted to be able to bring all of the benefits of general web development mobile.

It was through this that React Native was born and eventually used advantageously for the development of mobile apps for both Android and iOS. The dev team also converted the known Events Dashboard feature within Facebook for iOS app to React Native in order to test the app performance like the startup time, which is a very crucial element with applications. The results showed that they were able to cut the time-to-market in half which is very significant.

2. Instagram

Instagram also decided to take the challenge and integrate React Native straight into the existing native app. The company started from the very simplest view that can be imagined which is the Push Notifications view, which was actually originally implemented as the official WebView. This reportedly did not need much navigation infrastructure to be built since the UI showed to be quite simple.

Instagram’s dev team has faced quite a few problems on the way, they have reportedly improved developer velocity to solve this. About 85 up to 99% of the whole code was then shared between both iOS and Android apps, depending on which products. This meant that the team was able to bring out the mobile app much faster compared to using a native solution.

3. Tesla

Elon Musk, the second richest person in the world, has Tesla as his pride and joy as the EV company gets larger every day. The company reportedly developed its own application for both the EV and Powerwall battery owners using React Native. 

The app works by diagnosing and locating vehicles. It even has the option of being able to partially control the EV with the use of a smartphone. Tesla, however, is still keeping more details a secret. Nevertheless, the app is said to be well received and has gained really positive feedback from its customers.

4. Walmart

While Walmart has high aims to become the largest online retailer in the world. This is why the company has decided to use React Native to make its mobile apps. The company has already proved through the use of Node.js that it is willing to innovate.

Walmart has managed to improve the performance of its app for both Android and iOS while using fewer resources and also within a shorter time span. It was said that 95% of the total codebase was actually shared between platforms as the skills and experience of developers were all leveraged through the whole organization.

5. SoundCloud Pulse

SoundCloud Pulse is a mobile app for creators in order to help them manage their own accounts as well as keep their community humming. The company didn’t start off with React Native and this is when an independent research team decided to run the user-testing session with particular React Native-based prototypes. Despite finding a few weaknesses, the team was then able to garner positive experiences with their framework.

Developers also reportedly found it much easier to work with the React Native-based application in comparison to native mobile apps. They were also able to build the application themselves without needing to frequently input from certain specialized mobile developers.

6. Uber Eats

Uber has also shared their insights when it comes to using React Native in engineering their own food delivery app. Different from the standard Uber app, the mobile app Uber Eats involves three different parties: eaters, restaurants, and of course, deliver-partners.

The initial Restaurant Dashboard ubilt for the web only provided limited access to the given native device functionalities just like the sound notification, which is a very important feature for user experience. The team then had a better result with the use of React Native so they decided to rebuild everything with the framework.

These are only six of the most popular mobile apps that use React Native. Since they are not mere small and medium enterprises, they show exactly how the framework can work on a larger scale. As of the moment, many developers prefer React Native due to its convenient and easy-to-use framework both for the developers and the users alike.

Digitalization is very important but mere digitalization through outdated frameworks could be quite taxing for companies. This is where React Native comes in. The easy-to-use framework is capable of providing quality output without demanding the extra effort. This is one of the many advantages of React Native. As the big companies are all trying out React Native, this alone could be testament enough for other small and medium enterprises to give this framework a try as well.

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