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Django is a particular framework that is intended to help developers create extremely scalable websites or web applications for a constantly growing audience. The perfect example of these websites or apps would be either content-based or news apps or websites. Django is said to perfectly work just as it is and even provides its users with a wide range of options in order to create the perfect Python-based web-applications.

Django is a really useful tool for creating user dashboards and even a number of database supports like SQLite, MySQL, and even PostgresSQL. This framework also works really well for certain admin functions and much more.

In fact, a number of the most popular websites around the world reportedly use Django. This ion itself is testament enough to just how useful this particular framework is for developers. If the big websites and apps trust Django, this might be enough reason for other developers to trust Django as well.

Here is a list of 8 popular websites built with Django

1. Instagram

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the world’s most famous as well as fast-growing social networks. Instagram is said to be another example of websites that are mainly built with both Python and Django.

It is because Instagram processes an enormous amount of data and other user interactions, Django allows the Instagram team to handle the growing demand. In addition, the ready-to-implement instruments allow the team to simply concentrate on the UX and UI even without having to think about the entire technology needed to make them.

2. Spotify

Spotify is one of the fastest and one of the most demanding apps ever as it allows people to listen to millions of songs in a simple application. The massive amounts of data stored that still offer a very simple platform for users is easily done with the use of Django.

Django is reportedly useful for Skype for two different reasons mainly the fast backend as well as its machine learning options. Not only does Django give them a full range of different Python features, it also has a hand in making most of it!

3. YouTube

Of course, almost everyone knows YouTube. The website/app was originally built with PHP but due to the increasing number of audience made it necessary for YouTube to join the Django community. YouTube’s growth hasn’t even stopped increasing and this is all the more reason for them to stick to Django.

4. The Washington Post, The Guardian, and The New York Post

The Washington Post, The Guardian, and The New York Post are three of the most popular news sites in the world that are reportedly using Django for their online platform. This signifies just how huge the use of Django could be for big websites that constantly need to release content.

5. BitBucket

BitBucket launched back in 2018 and is known as a cloud-based Git repository in order to attract over millions of developers. With about 17 million requests as well as 6 million repositories made in a whole year, it is known as one of the heaviest loaded web applications that is Django-based.

The BitBucket team decided to use Django for a number of reasons. The first reason is for the thousands of different developers in the community. The second reason is due to Django’s suite of those ready-to-implement solutions. Due to these reasons, BitBucket can take exactly what they need and decide to spend more time thinking about just how to make its own product much better.

6. DropBox

Obviously, DropBox is one of the most famous cloud-based storage app for videos, graphics, documents, and even more. Users can easily access their files anywhere from the device.

Python was then used to make the whole backend as well as the client desktop software. It also allowed the team to be able to come up with the product very fast. By using Django, the developers also had the opportunity to add to its user history option.

7. Mozilla

Mozilla Firefox, aside from Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, is still one of the most popular browsers that millions of people use every month. In order to keep up with the growing demand, the developers have decided to use Django.

Mozilla originally started out using PHP+CakePHP but due to the growing demand, the team decided to switch to Python+Django. Now, the Mozilla supported website as well as all the other ad-ons for this browser are all powered by you guessed it, Django.

8. Pinterest

Pinterest is known as another one of the most popular websites on Django. Thanks to the framework, Pinterest users can easily subscribe to a number of other users within the app and share their own boards.

These aren’t the only websites that have decided to use Django. While these might be known as the most popular websites using Django, there are still three more very important websites that all use Django.

Other Websites built with Django


The official NASA website reportedly used Django as well! Imagine, the official space agency of the United States trusts Django as well.

National Geographic

This esteemed website uses Django for high definition original clips of nature related content. National Geographic uses the framework to make things run smoother for both the developer and the user side.


Quora is a great source of information and gets a number of queries every single day. To keep up with this, the team has decided to use Django.

The framework is getting even more popular with a number of websites shifting from their current framework into the use of Django. The framework’s most popular feat is being able to simplify even the most complicated of tasks allowing the developers to focus on more important matters. Django is best used for supporting any fast growing platform especially if the demands pile up over time.

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