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Top 5 Food Delivery Apps In The EU That Restaurants Must Join In 2022

The preference for take-away food and food deliveries has remarkably grown in recent years. Despite this growing trend, ordering food online and getting the takeaway food delivered is not something new. But over time, food delivery options have expanded to even the usage of apps. 

Currently, having app-based delivery of food is quite a common way to access a meal easily and quickly. For years, food deliveries were boxed to certain kinds of restaurants. But now, platform providers such as Uber Eats and Just Eat have simplified the ordering process through their own applications. 

Because of their immense popularity and convenience, these food delivery apps have impacted the sides of both customers and restaurants positively. Aside from boosting convenience on the side of the consumer, these food delivery platforms have also helped small & medium restaurants become more discoverable. Hence, restaurants that are not yet listed would want to capitalize on this readily available technology. 

Being included in a food delivery app may be an effective way to help digital marketing for restaurants. Other than boosting discoverability, restaurant reviews and positive feedback may even be generated. 

Of course, restaurants would want to be included in food delivery platforms that have proven to work. The question is, which food delivery apps are the best ones to list into? Let’s look into the top 5 apps for food delivery in Europe, specifically. Europe-based restaurants may want to consider joining these listings in the year 2022. 

Top 5 food delivery platforms in the EU that restaurants must join in 2022 

1. Uber Eats


Top 5 Food Delivery Apps In The EU That Restaurants Must Join In 2022

Uber is a globally recognized company and one of the services that they offer is food delivery. The user interface and booking system of Uber Eats are generally very easy to use. Users also have the opportunity to pre-order at times when they would rather place an order in advance. 

Other than that, on the side of the restaurant, Uber Eats also provides a restaurant manager that serves as an analytics tool that helps restaurant managers in decision-making. Through this tool, parter merchants of Uber Eats would be able to access data and insights that could be helpful in improving the quality of food or strategy of delivery. In a way, it serves as a helpful companion to a restaurant management system. 

2. Just Eat

Top 5 Food Delivery Apps In The EU That Restaurants Must Join In 2022

Just Eat has actually been around for quite some time now, as it has been operational within the UK ever since the year 2001. The food delivery service provider has around 82,000 restaurants. As with several other food delivery services, Just Eat generates revenue through commissions⁠—much like an affiliate system. 

Generally, Just Eat’s interface is simple and straightforwardly streamlined. Moreover, its search features are commendable. For the side of the restaurant, Just Eat provides a solution that is similar to a restaurant management system to help their partner receive and manage orders.

3. Deliveroo


Top 5 Food Delivery Apps In The EU That Restaurants Must Join In 2022

Having originated in London, Deliveroo has expanded its operations across 14 different countries and around 200 various cities. A unique feature of Deliveroo’s service is that their partner restaurants are not limited to ones that offer traditional dining setups.

Similar to other food delivery platforms, Deliveroo harbors several features that benefit restaurants and customers alike. These features include scheduled ordering, live updating of delivery progress, and payment within the app. On top of that, they also provide a restaurant management system with tools that could come in handy for restaurants. 

4. Liefrando.de


Top 5 Food Delivery Apps In The EU That Restaurants Must Join In 2022

Lieferando.de is another food delivery service that restaurants could consider partnering with. In fact, it was acquired by Just Eat Takeaway years back. With a booming presence in European areas, Lieferando.de could help restaurants reach more customers. 

Partners of Lieferando.de get to save on essentials for their restaurants. Other than that, they also provide a portal that serves as a restaurant management system that is loaded with marketing and other management tools that could help restaurants. Similar to other providers, they also offer analytics that may help with decision-making. 

5. Glovo

Top 5 Food Delivery Apps In The EU That Restaurants Must Join In 2022


Glovo is yet another booming food delivery service in European locales. Reportedly, the app has garnered more than 30 million downloads and installs. With their high traffic, Glovo is able to help their partner restaurants get discovered within their platform. 

Other than that, Glovo also allows real-time tracking of orders. Customers can also personalize their own favorite list. They also offer 24-hour access to groceries and other products. Other than that, Glovo can also be integrated with certain POS (Point-Of-Sale) Software, so it could come in handy for restaurants with a restaurant management system in place. 

Why should restaurants join these food delivery apps? 

As mentioned earlier, it is no question that there has been a rising global inclination toward take-away food and food deliveries. This reason alone is strong enough to compel restaurants to integrate a food delivery platform into their marketing strategy. Other than that, though, is included in a food delivery app that offers other benefits. 

  • It makes accessing your restaurant easier and more convenient for customers.
  • It gives room for customers to place incremental and last-minute orders, which results in increased sales for the restaurant. 
  • It is a cost-effective solution when it comes to logistic concerns. 
  • It makes your restaurant competitive and relevant. 
  • It grants access to a restaurant management system that could be particularly helpful in overseeing marketing, orders, and other operational facets. 
  • It enlarges your potential market to include even those who are dining at home and who don’t physically enter your restaurant. 
  • It boosts the experience and satisfaction of customers. 
  • It gives customers the option to go for cashless transactions. 
  • It reduces the likelihood of delivery-related mistakes. 
  • It helps restaurants compensate during times when foot traffic is low. 
  • It may help restaurants, to a certain degree, reduce overhead costs. 
  • It serves as an avenue for customers to give direct feedback to restaurants by leaving a rating or giving a review. 

Like never before, the presence of food delivery apps gives restaurants the space to explore new opportunities to grow. But other than getting included in a food delivery app, restaurants can also explore other digital options to boost their presence and market. For one, restaurants can explore Google Business for restaurants. Similar to a food delivery app, this helps restaurants become more discoverable. 

Food delivery apps
Food delivery apps for small and medium restaurants

Food delivery apps are just one of the many technologies that restaurants can capitalize on. For those who have not yet incorporated a restaurant management system into their operations, this may also be worth exploring. The bottom line is that it is important for restaurants to be in tune with the trends of technology and to see how they can ride along with the upward trend. 

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