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Around25 is a product development agency based in Romania. They help European startups create beautiful and state-of-the-art applications.

Our Challenges: They reached out to ICTS in 2021. At that time they need a reliable development partner to join their development network to fuel their growth. The goal was clear. The partner should have an adequate level of technology as required by the clients in Europe. At the same time, the partner’s staff should speak perfectly English to communicate directly with every party in the project, which is based everywhere around the globe. They tried working with some Indian development houses but the quality was not as expected. The Indian accent was also a challenge in daily communication.

Our Solutions: After the 1st presentation call, we have submitted them some CVs in our talent pool that might match their level. In the end, 3 senior developers in Javascript, and Kotlin have passed their coding test and tech interviews. As of today, they are still one of our strategic partners, thanks to their professionalism and win-win spirit.

Our workflow:

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