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Biibi BIREKI is an electronic chart that deepens the relationship between hairdressers and customers.

BIBI streamlines many tasks from creating / managing medical records, counseling, sending DMs, sharing information among staff, and following customers with one app.

The medical records can be managed in the salon as before, as well as shared with customers. If you share the chart with the customer, the users can follow with a message like LINE or send original DM. In addition, feedback such as impressions after the treatment that could not be received until now can be received, which helps to prevent customer loss and improve technology.

For the customer, the chart made by the hairdressers remains as a history of beauty. The users can Create medical records in one minute with unlimited number of charts, six style photos, image and text memos. The hair salons can take out the customer list immediately, with names, visit intervals and birth months. Thoroughly streamline customer management and customer data utilization, such as the ability to bookmark customers who visit today or visit tomorrow, so that past medical records can be called up immediately, and sorting by last visit date.

Client: BIREKI

For more information: Bireki App

Type of product: Entertainment apps, Lifestyle apps, Photo & video apps, Productivity apps, Shopping apps, E-commerce, Entertainment website, Informational site

Launched in: Japan

Languages: Japanese

Technology: Obj C

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