Ruong Bac Thang

  • Product: E-commerce website
  • Technologies: Python (Django), Vue JS, React Native is born to provide an user-friendly interface and help shoppers order online easily and fast. Ruongbacthang's admin page helps the chain owner manage its real-time inventory, orders, calculate revenue, expenses, and allocate the human resource better to ensure the smooth operation of each location in the chain.

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Ruong Bac Thang - our client is the leading supermarket chain based in the province of Bac Ninh, Vietnam. They provide local shoppers a wide range of organic fresh grocery, ready-to-cook meals, and other daily household supplies. During the lockdown period of the Covid-19 pandemic, RBT had requested ICTS to build an e-commerce site that stayed as digital location of the chain, at the same time, to boost online orders that would rise strongly due to the circumstances.

Challenges - Solutions



The client needs a website with:

  • A user-friendly interface that is easy to interact with their customers and facilitate the customer experience while shopping online for their products.

  • A dashboard to manage sales, update product prices and description, inventory, shipping, calculate costs and revenue, and more.

They were using a packaged software called KiotViet will full features for a basic grocery store. But when they want to set up a chain of multi-locations, this software doesn't support them some basic features of chain management such as: 

  • Inventory/warehouse management

  • Vendor management, sourcing, and procurement

  • Return management

  • Staff management

  • Loyalty management

We have built an e-commerce platform product with:

  • A lean, user-friendly interface that allows their customers order online.

  • The admin page to help the owner manage the operation in every location and warehouse in the chain on a daily basis.

At the same time, we consult the client on planning the suitable features that would fit with their expansion plan.

Main features
Inventory/warehouse management; Vendor management, sourcing, and procurement; Return management; Staff management; Loyalty management.