Our goal is to help customers solve their technical hassle at most reasonable budget!

Custom Software Development

Developing feature-rich custom web applications, sites, portals, and internal systems (CRM, ERP, HRM, IPM...) for businesses.


Developing feature-rich internal CRM systems, and upgrading current systems to match with technological advancement, integrating with new marketing platforms.


Building custom software that fits with the client's business process while consulting clients the feasible and suitable development roadmap to digitalize the business model.

Online Services

Delivering a seamless user experience for user registration and authentication, communication and messaging, payment and billing, as a part of O2O (online-to-offline) transformation.

Mobile App Development

Empower your business with our mobile app development service. Our team of experts transforms your ideas into engaging mobile applications that captivate users and drive results. With a focus on intuitive design, performance optimization, and cutting-edge technology, we deliver mobile apps that elevate your brand, enhance customer engagement, and unlock new opportunities in the mobile space.


Solving problems of traditional curriculums by integration with learning management systems (LMS), e-learning portal, parent and administrator access, etc.


Responding to user needs, ranging from order management, secure payment processing, etc. to analytics and reporting.

Healthcare & Spa

Creating a multi-purpose app for booking management, customer services, news and promotion updates, etc.

AI Integration Services

We help businesses seamlessly integrate AI technologies into their existing systems, processes, and applications. With our expertise in integrating AI-powered features, our customers will be able to improve efficiency, customer experiences, and competitive advantages, ultimately driving innovation and growth.


Apply no-code object detection model training with ODHUB, integrate native LabVIEW API with ODHUB-LV, and custom LabVIEW Plugin and integration with ANSVIS.


Deloy automatic products using no-code object detection model training; Edge device AI Deployment; Advanced video analytics solution and Industrial-grade smart cameras and inference devices.


Develop EdTech products with no-code machine learning, deep learning, and object detection model training tools; take advantage of advanced video simulation and analytics solutions with ANSVIS.

How We Do


Product Vision and Planning

The team defines the overall product vision and objectives. They also prioritize features and create a product backlog—a list of all the tasks and user stories that need to be implemented.


Sprint Planning

The team selects a subset of tasks from the product backlog to work on during the upcoming sprint. They estimate the effort required for each task and commit to completing them within sprint duration.


Sprint Execution

The team works on the selected tasks from the product backlog. Daily stand-up meetings are held to discuss progress, challenges, and plan for the day.


Integration and Testing

As the development progresses, code is continuously integrated into the shared repository, and automated tests are run to ensure that new changes do not introduce defects.


Sprint Review

At the end of each sprint, the team holds a sprint review meeting to demonstrate the completed work to stakeholders and gather feedback.


Sprint Retrospective

Following the sprint review, the team conducts a meeting to discuss successes, improvements, and lessons learned, aiming to continuously enhance the development process.


Repeat and Refine

The team then goes through the next sprint planning, execution, review, and retrospective, iterating through these steps until the project's goals are met.

Offshore Development Center

An ODC enables companies to access a global rising talent pool, reduce costs, increase scalability, and leverage the advantages offered by the offshore location, such as lower labor costs, access to specialized skills, and time zone advantages for round-the-clock productivity. We are providing offshore services including Mobile App, Frontend and Backend Development.


Building an offshore development center to handle the development of current logistics system and speed up development time.


Providing lucrative solutions with secure transaction processing, risk management systems, real-time data analytics, banking integration, etc.


Integrating AI features like speech processing, facial recognition image processing, personalized content, etc. into applications to optimize workflow and improve performance.

How We Do


01. Job Description

Receive JD (job description) from clients.


02. Source CVs in talent pool

Source suitable CVs in our talent pool that matches the required level (hard skills, English).


03. Submit CVs and rates

Submit CVs to client with monthly rate (manmonth).


04. Interview

Arange the interviews between the candidate and the client.


05. Paperwork

The candidate is approved by the client, we will process the paperwork (service contract, NDA, non-compete agreement).


06. Onboarding

Prepare the candidate to join the client's team on time and fully operational.



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