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Ruong Bac Thang

Ruong Bac Thang – our client is the leading supermarket chain based in the province of Bac Ninh, Vietnam. They provide local shoppers with a wide range of organic fresh groceries, ready-to-cook meals, and other household supplies. During the lockdown period of the Covid-19 pandemic, RBT had requested ICTS to build an e-commerce site that stayed as the digital location of the chain, at the same time, to boost online orders that would rise strongly due to the circumstances. Ruongbacthang.com.vn is born to provide a user-friendly interface and help shoppers order online easily and fast. Ruongbacthang’s admin page helps the chain owner manage its real-time inventory and orders, calculate revenue and expenses, and allocate the human resource better to ensure the smooth operation of each location in the chain.

Client: Ruong Bac Thang

For more information: Ruong Bac Thang

Type of product: Ecommerce, Online grocery store

Launched in: Vietnam

Languages: Vietnamese

Technologies: Python (Django), Vue JS, React Native

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