AI Gijikoku

  • Product: Productivity app
  • Technologies: VueJS, NodeJS, Firebase, AWS

AI GIJIROKU (AI Minutes) is a minutes creation tool that records and translates the conversations of meeting participants in text.

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Ai Gijikoku introduces a new style of Meeting Minutes. Conversations of meeting participants will be recorded and translated in text. The user can either choose the following cases:
• As an individual user,
• As a team and for translating.
The user will save time and increase productivity by checking the translated text after the meeting.

Challenges - Solutions

Challenges Solutions

A product involves AI-powered transcription and translation for meeting minutes,  with following requirements:

  • Integration and Compatibility; 
  • Speech Recognition Accuracy; 
  • Natural Language Processing; 
  • Real-time Transcription; 
  • Handling Different Meeting Formats; 
  • etc. 

A productivity app provides:

  • APIs and integrations with popular meeting and collaboration tools; 
  • Advanced automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems and machine learning models that are trained on diverse speech data; 
  • Language model to handle domain-specific language and continually update it with industry-specific terms and context; 
  • System's infrastructure and backend processes to minimize latency; 
  • Models that can recognize and adapt to different meeting formats. Allow users to provide context or meeting agendas to improve transcription accuracy. 

Main features

High quality/Specified recognition, Continuous recording, AI GIJIROKU Assistant, Data storage, Clear writing function, Speaker identification, Keyword search, Data logging (data learning), Minutes recording time, etc.