• Product: Translation web
  • Technologies: Django, VueJS, AWS

Lokally is a tool to translate documents in every common file formats to 111 languages over the world.

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Lokally is a tool which can translate documents in multiple format at the same time without changing its original structures.  

Challenges - Solutions


Develop a translation tool with: 

  • Accuracy: ensures up to 90% accuracy of the translation by taking into account the context of the content to be translated.
  • Translate the file as a whole while keeping the original fonts and formats.
  • Organization: users can organize their translation files according to their own demands.
  • Time-saving: by translating multiple files at the same time, reusing translation glossaries for multiple files, and translating to multiple languages at once.

Offer a solution featuring in:

  • Context-aware translation techniques, such as using neural machine translation models and leveraging contextual embeddings; 
  • Options for sorting and searching within these organizational structures; 
  • Multi-threaded or parallel processing system that can handle multiple translation requests concurrently; 
  • A translation API that supports translating content into multiple languages.

Main features

Simultaneous translate, documents translate, etc.