IELTS Master

  • Product: EdTech webapp
  • Technologies: Python (Django), Vue JS, React Native

Vietphil had requested ICTS to build, an Edutech web platform and application for English training focusing on communication skills and IELTS test preparation. This product provides an all-in-one solution for learning English online. It helps students to actively learn anytime - anywhere - on any device with a more engaging, inclusive, and individualized learning experience.

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Vietphil, a client of ICTS is notable for study abroad consulting service and English training center in Vietnam. Vietphil has developed an English training system for IELTS, TOEIC, and TOEFL certifications that is quite famous among Vietnamese students. When social distancing occurred due to the impact of the covid 19 pandemic, all classroom activities were suspended, including Vietphil's classes.

Challenges - Solutions



  • All classroom activities were suspended
  • Edtech became the New Normal
  • No applications support the full features set of a smart classroom such as Mock test, Assignments, Assessments, LMS all in one.

  • All-in-one Edutech platform with rich UI/UX
  • AI and Machine Learning for vocabulary practice, pronunciation tests, and smart recommendations
  • Empowers teachers with task assignments and progress tracking
  • Consultation on enhancing instructor-student interaction in online education.

Main features

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1. Dashboard:

Generate insights into student engagement, progress, and performance. Teachers and administrators can use these analytics to make data-driven decisions.

For students, dashboard mainly focuses on notifications and course summary. 

For teachers, calendars, notifications and statistics are added there. 

For administrators, this dashboard shows charts and timeline linkded with students, teachers, classes and courses. 

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2. Schedule:

Managing classes, assignments, and events to help teachers and students stay organized in calendar view.

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3. Course management system (CMS): 

Teachers can create, edit, and publish course content and materials in multiple formats: 

  • text (PDF, doc, docx, etc.); 

  • image (.pnj, .png,.jpeg, etc.); 

  • video (MOV, MP4, etc.); 

  • audio (MP3, etc.), 

Students can check information related to following fields: 

  • Schedule; 

  • Courses; 

  • Classes; 

  • Rating; 

  • Notification. 

and add requests if it has any problems. 

Admins can review all the content above and examine the quality through class problems and feedbacks. 

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4. Student management system (SMS):  

Efficiently organizing and managing student-related information, such as enrollment data, attendance records, academic progress, and communication between students, teachers, and parents.


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5. Assessment and Grading: 

Allow teachers to create various types of assessments, including quizzes, exams, assignments, and peer reviews. Automatic grading and feedback can be integrated to save time.

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6. Different user roles: 

Including students, teachers, and administrators, can create individual accounts and log in securely. User profiles allow for personalized experiences and tracking progress.

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