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2022  has rapidly accelerated the digital transformation of the majority of industries since the motto of the year was “adapt and survive.” However, as 2023 has finally come, it is time for small and medium enterprises to begin digital transformation through the use of mobile apps. As of the moment, most large industries have already invested quite a lot in mobile app development.

Having a mobile app in 2023 is no longer considered an advantage or optional but rather something that is essential to the survival of small and medium enterprises. For those that are still skeptical about investing in mobile app development, there are a couple of points on why having a mobile app in 2023 is essential.

Here are 10 different industries that must use mobile apps in 2023:

1. The healthcare industry

With millions of interactions being made every year, it’s quite evident as to why the healthcare industry could use the help of a mobile app or mobile apps in order to make the whole process more efficient. The usage of mobile apps would also allow doctors to instantly receive the information they need. There is also a large sector within the systematic functionings of the healthcare industry that could use a mobile app for niches like weight loss, health tracking, pregnancies, fitness, nutrition, and more.

2. The finance industry

Due to the massive use of mobile phones, even banks all around the world are already pouring a huge amount of their resources into mobile app development in order to make sure that they can keep up with the massive financial activity happening on mobile apps. Security has been a huge concern when it comes to finance apps but the evident convenience and other functions have always been their crucial focus point

3. The entertainment industry

As of the moment, Facebook has become one of the biggest mobile apps in the whole world not only as a social media and means for people to communicate, but also for it being one of the top sources of entertainment. Other huge mobile apps include Netflix, YouTube, and so on and so forth.

4. The IT industry

The IT industry has aggressively been expanding through boosting work, industry, and other corporate functions through the use of mobile apps. These include Slack, Basecamp, and other mobile apps that help the IT industry function on the go.

5. The tourism and travel industry

Apps like AirBnb and other flight booking apps have reportedly helped the industry become even more accessible to other people. While booking a flight used to be done through a travel agency, users can now simply book their own flights, hotel rooms, or tours through the use of a mobile app.

6. The fashion and eCommerce industry

Shopping has definitely gotten bigger with the help of mobile apps. In fact, a large number of orders on Amazon and other online platforms have been done on mobile apps. This isn’t just limited to bigger mobile apps like Amazon but there are also smaller mobile apps that are still reportedly growing in the eCommerce industry.

7. The education industry

Due to the pandemic, e-learning has started to pick up and is still growing this 2021. Although there are already existing platforms for this, there is still huge room for other mobile apps to be developed in this sector. Those apps in the education industry could help facilitate learning, keeping track of progress, scoring grades, and many more uses.

8. The hospitality and food service industry

Mobile apps like Grab or DoorDash have definitely grown due to the pandemic as the demand for delivered meals sees no stop. Even companies’ individual mobile apps have also brought in a new wave of consumers as ordering becomes more convenient.

9. The retail industry

Customer service, as well as operations, are very important and this is why the retail industry usually has its own app in order to take care of their customers. Mobile apps have become more useful compared to emailing the company and waiting for the response. Since mobile apps could provide an instant interaction and are very easy to use, most large, small and medium enterprises already have their own apps.

10. The logistics industry

Tracking a package has become much easier with the use of mobile apps instead of logging onto the company website or having to send an email. The logistics industry has definitely become more accessible with the use of mobile apps. From flight trackers, shipment trackers, and other tracking apps, there are even more coming in that help improve both consumer and business to business transactions.

Final Word

Mobile app development has worked for large industries and is now becoming really important for small and medium enterprise as well. Digital transformation in 2023 has become more of a requirement for success instead of just an option. Although not a hundred percent guaranteed, mobile apps have proven themselves beneficial for a number of sectors within almost every industry.

The digital transformation this 2023 has already started to take off and although the mobile app industry itself has gained quite the competition, there is still room in the mobile app industry for more. Mobile app development has become extremely important when it comes to digital transformation due to this being the key bridging traditional business to modern businesses.

With almost everything becoming electronic, online, or anything related to technology, the demand for mobile app development has also increased. This is why for those planning to make their own mobile apps, it is very important to find a developer that is both capable and also passionate about creating that perfect mobile app. 

While those mobile app development companies have dozens of high paying clients, it would be hard to get them to develop the right mobile app with their full attention. Getting a smaller but more committed company would not only increase the chances of success for your mobile app but also put the whole development in good hands.

ICTS is a Vietnam-based software development boutique that focuses on cutting-edge technologies. We help SMEs (small and medium enterprises) digitize their business and handle the digital transformation in the most professional way, at a reasonable budget.

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Son Chu

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