Aside from its effects and capacities to revolutionize business operations, digital transformation has revolutionized the field of marketing itself. Certain properties of digital media, like analytics and metrics, have led to a whole new door of marketing opportunities. Moreover, companies can now access a wellspring of data and use such data to strategically navigate through the market. The area of digital marketing has become an expertise that businesses of this digital age must not turn a blind eye on. 

Now, what exact opportunities has digital transformation brought about to marketing? How is digital transformation driving the field of marketing in this day and age? Let us look into some of the key digital transformation drivers in the field. 

4 key impacts of digital transformation that drive marketing today 

1. Interactivity

Digital transformation’s effect on interactivity is undoubtedly strong and evident. In contrast to traditional media, which include film and music, digital media has an element of interactivity. This means that people have the liberty to choose what to consume, how they want to consume it, and who to share it with. 

To illustrate, interactions between official companies and individuals have been strongly facilitated. Through social media, individuals can reach out to official company accounts and in turn, get responses to their inquiries. Aside from that, there are some websites that grant end users the liberty to filter the information they view as well as choose the order they want the information to be consumed. Additionally, giving feedback, in the form of reacting or commenting, has also been facilitated. 

These seemingly small interactions have the ability to bring about significant change. Through live ads, such as live streams, consumers can not only view the ads but also interact by reacting, leaving comments or suggestions, or even getting responded to during the live stream. Because of digital transformation, there is now a platform for interaction and engagement to thrive beyond the limits of time and space. The level of interactivity and engagement in the past is not the same as that of the digital transformation era. This has been significantly changing how marketers reach the target audience. 


2. Analytics 

For every field and endeavor, the significance of data cannot be stressed enough. Prior to digital transformation, the insufficiency of relevant, quality, and actionable data was a huge drawback for those in the marketing field. There was no concrete way to accurately monitor the audience’s engagement with traditional marketing tools, such as billboard advertisements or posters in the subway. Questions like “How many people saw the advertisement?” or “How many people saw the poster and bought the product because of it?” could not be answered. 

The availability of data analytics has, thus, become an undoubted game-changer in marketing. For instance, several social media platforms directly give marketing insights regarding viewership. Additionally, if a CTA, or Call-To-Action, is included in the post, it would be even more easy to monitor the post’s effectiveness in terms of conversion. Other data are also available. This may be what time of the day the viewership was high, where the viewers are from, and others. 

Because of digital transformation, data and metrics are more precise and accurate. Resultantly, more strategic decisions and adjustments could be made. Being able to evaluate and identify what works and what does not would help companies be more strategic in their marketing efforts. 

3. Personalization 

Because of digital transformation, content for each individual can be personalized according to activity. By allowing interactivity and analytics to work hand in hand, all sorts of consumer activity can be tracked even on an individual level. This data can then be taken and analyzed in order to provide a personalized marketing offer. 

Being able to monitor purchases and then suggest similar offers is just a small segment of what personalized marketing is all about. Today, with the availability of metrics on social media platforms, even consumer interests can be tracked. Based on such data, recommendations can be given. Personalized emails can also be sent based on such consumer behavior. 

4. Customer Experience

Enriching customer experience by meeting customer needs is vital for businesses to thrive in a digital era. Evidently, digital transformation has transformed not just business operations but also daily living. Hence, because those who have stepped into the digital space have become accustomed to such a boost in efficiency, expectations for businesses in terms of customer experience and customer satisfaction have soared high. 

Just as technology has revolutionized daily living, digital transformation also enables companies to transcend their limits to enhance customer experience and resultantly, generate more customers and keep existing customers. Through technology, companies can engage consumers without the constraints of time and space. Because communication has been significantly boosted, it would be more possible for companies to proactively or reactively cater to a wide reach of customer concerns as well as strengthen relationships with their customers. This boost in customer experience gives existing customers a reason to stay and attracts non-customers to whatever service or product is being offered. 

Thanks to digital transformation, marketing efforts have greatly shifted to the digital space and have been helped by technology in a significantly efficient and productive way. Because the digital space is quite congested, there is a challenge for companies in the digital space to thrive and stand out among the rest. Hence, for companies with digital marketing teams and strategies, it would be a wise decision to maximize the trend of digital transformation for their marketing efforts. 

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