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Top 10 Review Websites For Restaurants In The EU In 2022

With regards to digital marketing for restaurants in 2022, small & medium restaurants can utilize a wide array of resources. These options range from social media platforms to corporate websites. Some of these can be accessed freely while others may require fees. One option, in particular, that restaurants can go for is to make use of review websites to boost their digital presence. 

Restaurant reviews could be a game-changer for restaurants; they could either make or break the restaurant. It has become quite a norm for customers to search up local restaurants before visiting. In most search results, restaurant reviews and ratings would be seen. 

There are review websites that restaurants in Europe, particularly, can use to gauge their online presence. Here are the top 10 review websites for restaurants in the EU in 2022. 

Top 10 review websites for restaurants in the EU to use in 2022

1. Google My Business

Top 10 Review Websites For Restaurants In The EU In 2022

Given how Google is a top search engine across the globe, it is important for companies to get listed on Google My Business. With this, restaurant reviews would appear whenever someone searches for your restaurant in particular or for restaurants within your area. Hence, restaurants need to ensure that there are no information errors and that the reviews generated are positive. 

Google My Business does not require any fees in order for businesses to get listed. Hence, this is a free option that restaurants would not want to miss out on. On top of this, listed restaurants also get to be included in Google Maps. This significantly boosts the discoverability of listed restaurants. 

2. Yelp


Top 10 Review Websites For Restaurants In The EU In 2022

Being one of the most famous online review websites, Yelp is a leader when it comes to search rankings. When someone looks for top restaurants in a particular place, results from Yelp tend to come first. Hence, this means that restaurants should get listed on Yelp and that the restaurant reviews generated should be good ones. 

Yelp’s platform also enables responding either privately or publicly to review. This may help boost customer engagement and possibly even convince those who reviewed negatively to give a second chance. 

3. TripAdvisor


Top 10 Review Websites For Restaurants In The EU In 2022

TripAdvisor’s niche is primarily tourism and travel. Under this, restaurants all over the globe are also included. Several people who search for nearby restaurants may check TripAdvisors and go through the restaurant reviews before deciding. 

On top of this, TripAdvisor also has a booking system where people can make reservations. 

4. Zomato

Top 10 Review Websites For Restaurants In The EU In 2022

Zomato is another restaurant review website that is frequently stopped by. Millions of restaurants across the globe are included in its database. Reviews made on this site are from regular customers, bloggers, and even food critics. 

Similar to other review sites, restaurants can also respond to reviews that were made. The platform also enables restaurants to modify the information as well as advertise their restaurant in order to boost visits. With their booking system, reservations can also be made. 

5. Facebook

Top 10 Review Websites For Restaurants In The EU In 2022

Facebook has become one of the highest-trafficked websites. Several businesses and restaurants, in particular, have been discovered through Facebook. Hence, it’s not shocking to say that restaurant reviews on Facebook are very important. 

Because of its social networking nature, customer engagement within Facebook is easier compared to other review sites. Other than that, Facebook is also a great option when it comes to social media marketing. Having an active presence on Facebook could help restaurants become more discoverable. 

6. OpenTable

Top 10 Review Websites For Restaurants In The EU In 2022

OpenTable is known for its booking system. Because of its frontline booking system for restaurants, it’s important to get included in this listing and to make sure that the reviews are good. 

When someone checks out OpenTable to book at your restaurant and then happens to see negative reviews, they can conveniently look for another restaurant within the site. Thousands of restaurants are listed in OpenTable. To ensure that a booking is made in your restaurant specifically, it is important to ensure that good reviews are made. 

7. Zagat

Top 10 Review Websites For Restaurants In The EU In 2022

Zagat has been around for decades now, making it one of the most aged and famous restaurant review websites. Zagat initially began in the year 1979 as a printed usher to various restaurants. Unlike other restaurant review websites, Zagat utilizes a scale that is 30-point. 

Other than this, Google actually purchased Zagat last 2011. Hence, Zagat reviews have a great presence on Google Business detail pages. This gives even more reason to get listed in Zagat. Because of its integration with Google, reviews may be more visible and search rankings may also be affected. 

8. Gayot

Top 10 Review Websites For Restaurants In The EU In 2022

Gayot is another restaurant review site whose services have been available for around five decades. Unlike other review websites, the reviews published in Gayot are from professional food critics. However, regular customers are also still allowed to give their own reviews. 

A scale of 20 points is utilized to rate restaurants. In their reviews, other factors besides food are also evaluated. These may include ambiance, service, and other considerations. 

Claiming of listings cannot be done here. However, advertising within the platform is permitted. 

9. The Infatuation

Top 10 Review Websites For Restaurants In The EU In 2022 

In-depth restaurant reviews are made in The Infatuation. Regular customers do not have the option to leave their own reviews on the website, but frequent visitors of the website tend to intently consider the reviews. 

Compared to other sites, the scope of locations covered by The Infatuation is not that broad. Hence, it may be necessary to check if their coverage includes your specific restaurant or area. 

Also, Zagat owns the The Infatuation. Hence, the rankings and guides displayed may be similar. 

10. FourSquare 

Top 10 Review Websites For Restaurants In The EU In 2022

Foursquare is another review site where businesses from various industries can get listed. A number of restaurants are also included in their database. 

Though there is a significant disparity in the traffic between FourSquare and sites like Yelp, FourSquare still has a good online presence. So, restaurants should still consider getting listed in FourSquare. 

Top 10 Review Websites For Restaurants In The EU In 2022

Image from Pexels

Several potential customers utilize restaurant review websites. These reviews generally cannot be avoided. Hence, what restaurants can do is to embrace this reality and work towards getting better reviews and ratings. 

Boosting reviews and ratings may take substantial time and effort for restaurants. It may be necessary to check and improve food quality, service, ambiance, or other factors. Even making use of a restaurant management system or affiliate system could come in handy. Regardless, this is something that restaurants should not turn a blind eye on especially since having a good digital presence is key to thriving in a digital world. 

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