For those who have never heard of Vietnam, our largest border is with China. Despite this, we’ve had no death cases since the beginning of the pandemic. As of April 6, the Vietnamese government has reported 245 confirmed cases with 95 recoveries and no fatalities. 


From ICTS Custom Software‘s perspective, we quickly applied strict measures to minimize the negative consequences of the pandemic on our staff and community.

From the first days where the news of Wuhan Coronavirus leaked, our board of directors had been following and updating daily the evolving effects of this virus, especially in the countries where our customers reside such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Europe, United States, and Australia. We tried to keep a non-interrupted communication line with our customers to prepare for the worst.

For our employees, we took time to do weekly updates about the pandemic and imposed “hygiene rules at office”. For example, hands must be disinfected once you enter the office. Masks are compulsory for employees who show influenza symptoms. Moreover, we applied full-time paid leave for employees who have to work remotely due to those symptoms. By this policy, employees have no excuse to hide their symptoms and are more motivated to keep track with their work even while working from home.

Moreover, thanks to our internal corporate management, our daily operations have been moved to cloud infrastructures many years ago. The employee’s performance and the projects’ timeline are both monitored through SAAS software such as Jira, Trello, Slack. This enables us to move our team into remote mode without too much hassle.

In times of pandemic, we believe that information must be as much transparent as possible in order to avoid overreaction and panic among employees. That’s why we love transparent resources like Clutch that provide buyers of B2B services to connect with other businesses to receive ratings and reviews.

Our board of directors also helps to keep the situation under control by applying strict initiatives concerning office cleanliness but at the same time, we try to maintain a positive, warm and caring atmosphere so that everyone feels they are supported and protected, not isolated.

We hope that our experiences will contribute a positive insight to the IT community. Please let us know if you want additional insights on how to protect yourselves, your employees, or your clients from COVID-19 and how to work in these challenging times. Contact us today to find out more or how we can help with meeting your business’s development needs. 

Son Chu

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