According to the latest list of Feedspot about software development blogs, websites, and influencers, ICTS news is one of the readable software development blogs in 2020.

With the criteria of content quality such as regularly updated information, useful and reliable information, and others. ICTS news is ranked 72 of the top 75 information sources of software development blogs as well as websites and influencers in the IT industry. Along with that, reputable blogs like Google Developers Blog and SD Times have appeared on the list.


ICTS news where you can find useful information about the IT industry with tips to improve your project, tutorial for new technologies, in particular, the economic situation in Vietnam for the information technology sector.

In addition, ICTS is also rated as a Global IT Leader in the Response to COVID-19 while the pandemic is still taking place in the way complicated in the world. ICTS has contributed a positive insight to the IT community and spreaded positive influence on society as well.

Follow ICTS’s news to be updated about the Vietnamese technology landscape and our activities!

*Feedspot is an RSS reader where you can read all your favorite websites in one place. It allows you to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the sites you are interested in.

Son Chu

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