The only difference between your concept for the perfect web application and the actual product itself is picking out the right software to help with your web development needs. 

Django understands the name of the game and provides developers with not just what is necessary, but also what is best eliminating the hassle that comes in between. With Django, you’ll be able to write your app without the need for major reinventions. The best part about this is that it’s free and open-source!

Developing is an art and with every artist, the right tools need to be used in order to create a masterpiece. Also, if you’re trying to develop just APIs, the Django rest framework is perfect for you. Django is the canvas, the paintbrush, and the frame itself!

What is Django?

Django is a meticulously crafted open-source framework available for backend web applications that are Python-based. Just like one of the top web development languages Python, Django also focuses on reliability, flexibility, and also scalability.

Django contains its very own naming system for the different functions and components making them easier to recognize. An example of this is HTTP responses are actually called “views.”

Django also works with an admin panel making it much easier to work with compared to using Laravel or Yi. There are many other technical features that Django offers.

Check the list down below and see just how well put together Django actually is:

  • Django applies MVC or Model-View-Controller core architecture
  • Django practices Middleware support

These two different methods that Django applies show just how much importance is given to providing web developers with the help they need.

  • Django uses a simple syntax
  • Django uses an ORM or Object Retaliation Mapper
  • Django has its own web server
  • Django has HTTP Libraries
  • Django comes with batteries (these refer to the little bits of essential pieces needed for web developers to solve common cases)
  • Django includes a Python unit test framework

These are the little nuggets included in the basket when web developers choose Django. What’s best about these features is that you’ll be able to use them seemingly instead of having a hard time filling in what is lacking.

The Django rest framework, on the other hand, provides a built-in-tight coupling with Django and if you want to use it, it pretty much helps save you from having to specify the pretty nosey pass data kind of validation and recall.

In addition to Django, it also provides a dynamic CRUD (meaning Create, Read, Update, and Delete) interface that is configured with admin models and is generated via introspection.

CRUD is also used to describe the different basic database commands. This means that the interface can help facilitate viewing, changing, and also searching for information.

What makes Django so good?

There are four reasons why the Django packs a heavy punch when it comes to developing and although these reasons are oftentimes claimed by other providers, Django makes sure it delivers exactly what it promises.

Here are four reasons why Django is the right choice for your project:

1. Speed

Django understands that it is not just speed that wins the game, it is the consistency of the speed that needs to be provided. Django was designed to make everything move as quickly as possible, taking concepts and turning them into reality in just a matter of time.

Consistency and speed come hand in hand which is why Django does not focus merely on peeking at certain points but makes sure to provide fast service every single time.

2. Completion

Django takes a chunk of the workload away from developers by including dozens of different extras that are most commonly used to perform fundamental web development tasks.

Imagine pulling out a certain extra right out of the box instead of spending another couple of hours having to develop or substitute these functions! Django lightens the workload by providing the basic necessities for common web development tasks. If your goal is to solely create APIs, you’ll be surprised with just how easy it is to do with the Django rest framework as well.

3. Security

Security nowadays is a serious matter and Django makes sure to give it the respect it deserves. Django assists developers in avoiding a number of common security mistakes like cross-site scripting, SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, and last but not the least, clickjacking.

The user authentication system also provides developers with a secure and convenient method of managing their passwords and user accounts. Django makes sure that security comes hand in hand with every step along the way.

4. Scalability

The system that Django provides has already assisted different business sites around the world helping them develop applications quickly and give them the freedom to flexibly scale and scale quickly in order to meet their traffic demands.

Django is a fan of progress and this is why it makes sure to give users what they actually need which is a solid foundation. Growth is inevitable for those web developers who play their cards right and this is something Django is a fan of. Supporting developers from the ground to the top!

What makes Django something you can trust?

Tested Credibility. First of all, Django is already time tested, crowd tested and already has a massive supportive community that can be accessed through checking different forums, channels, or even other dedicated websites.

Asking for Assistance. Asking help when navigating through Django is easy when you experience a problematic function with your code or when you are trying to find different developers if your company is also looking to base the next big project on Django.

Django’s growth itself

Django first started off with an arsenal of great documentation, the best of the best of the other open-source frameworks. The foundation on which Django was built on was in itself a meticulously planned out idea that is now a powerful tool to be used by web developers.

Django is still very well maintained on a high level constantly being updated with newer functions and fixes. This makes things much easier for web developers to adapt to changes. The Django rest framework also makes API development much easier with the ever updating functions like PyYAML, XLM, serializers, and much more.

Should you trust Django?

That is a question to answer yourself but before you ask that question, you must know that Django has proven itself when fixing any issue with the framework by solving it in an extremely fast manner.

The software is also constantly growing through updates and new packages that are released in order to make Django function with convenience on top of reliability.


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