NPM Packages that Nodejs Developers Should Know

Professional developers keep themselves updated with modern and best libraries. This is essential as nowadays software development is dependent on such libraries. If developers know how to use these libraries, it will save their time and also help them to develop qualitative software.

Similarly, NPM packages are what Node.JS developers should learn for seamless development. Node.js is a popular choice for organizations that are looking forward to scaling up their business. Its increasing popularity has made it more suitable for asynchronous frameworks.

Node Js frameworks are very popular and it has a well-known package manager- NPM. It offers many libraries and modules that help developers to develop different websites in less time.

So, let’s learn more about NPM packages that every Node.js developer should know for easy Node.js development.

Popular NPM Packages For Easy Web Development

While you outsource Node.js developers from a reliable Node.js development company, you can ask whether they are seasoned with the following packages or not. Here’s the list of well-known NPM packages:


Async is a key utility package that provides powerful functionalities for operating with asynchronous JS. When Async is integrated into Node.js projects, it can essentially increase the reliability and efficiency of the async code.

With the Async package, you can easily manage complex functions, streamline your workflow and take your development to another level.

Here are some popular features of Async:

  • Async will support both series & parallel execution of various asynchronous tasks

  • One can integrate Async easily with Node.js modules like net, fs, and child_process

  • This framework is better for error handling and error reporting as it supports advanced control patterns such as queue, waterfall, and retry


This package is a powerful middleware that makes the incoming parsing language simpler while developing a Node.js app.

With body-parser, one can seamlessly gather relevant information from incoming requests and use this data in the project.

This systematic process saves your time and effort and allows developers to focus on various essential aspects of the Node.js app.

Here are some popular features of Body-parser:

  • Ability to handle multiple types of requests like POST, GET, HTTP, PUT, etc.

  • It also supports parsing of different request bodies like URL-encoded, JSON, multipart, etc.

  • Body-parser can be easily integrated with Express.js


Express is amongst the best NPM packages as it offers a server foundation for multi-page, single-page & dynamic web apps. It’s a popular package used by the majority of programmers for creating web apps.

Additionally, Express is also a distinct alternative because of its superior capabilities. Other characteristics of Express involve comprehensive routing, superior efficiency, HTTP support, content negotiation, speedier app, processing, etc.

Using Express, one can develop any web app as its API makes it simpler to do so. This package provides a strong overview of how every app is built from scratch. It’s one of the best NPM packages which are currently accessible in this industry.

Here are some popular features of Express:

  • It has a routing system for easy management of HTTP requests

  • Middleware supports the extension of the functionality of the app

  • This package supports the engine for some quick rendering of HTML pages

  • It has a robust ecosystem with multiple available modules and plugins


Lodash is a modern and powerful JS library that offers a long-lasting collection of functionalities for changing arrays, strings, arrays, etc. With its huge usage in JS, Lodash is also a reliable tool for enhancing the code’s readability and efficiency.

Here are some popular features of Lodash:

  • It has high-performing functions while working with objects and arrays

  • It also supports functional concepts like filter, map, reduce, etc.

  • Strong manipulation string functions

  • Lodash also supports chaining functions together for easy concise code

You can use if you want to construct a real-time communication project that runs with concurrent document streaming. helps you anyway when the material originates in the database that you use or the API from a non-dependent feature.

For example, this strategy is used in Twitter bots which aggregate the latest tweets & FB bots that consume news. can help you with different API combinations which use real-time data.

Here are some popular features:

  • It supports client-side and server-side JS

  • It has cross-browser fallbacks and compatibility with different communication standards if there’s no support of web sockets

  • also supports broadcasting messages for various clients at one time

  • The customized config option helps with fine-tuning the real-time communication structure

  • supports broadcasting notifications to different clients at once with well-known front-end technologies like Angular and React


The passport package is a unique security module for Node programmers dealing with different malicious codes. Passport’s basic objective is to help you with authentication functions, which are accomplished using third-party modules serving authentication processes. It also referred to strategies opposed to some malicious package.

When you provide a Passport framework with one query that needs identification, Passport provides hooks that allow you to maintain the process that happens when a verification request fails or is successful. Examining this strategy shows that multiple authentication methods are helpful in the authentication process.

Here are some popular features of Passport:

  • Passport supports different authentication processes like OAuth, local, and OpenID

  • It has a special ability for authenticating workflows for being suitable per your requirements

  • Integrates easily with different authentication techniques like OpenID, OAuth, etc.

  • Easy usage and configuration


It is a strong middleware library that is made especially for Redux and enables developers to supervise the async side effects and actions effectively.

With Redux-Saga, one can easily handle async actions with efficiency and predictability, making it seamless to continue good quality and stability of the code in the Node.js systems.

Whether you are working on complex data files or need a simple way to manage async requests, this package will help you in such cases.

Here are some popular features of Redux-Saga:

  • It has the simple ability to handle huge async workflows with ease

  • Easy integration with Redux, and used for managing the app state

  • It supports declarative effects for maintaining side effects

  • Seamless integration with well-known front-end frameworks like Angular and React

  • Easy and simple testing and predictable API


Mongoose is a strong ODM object Data Modeling library designed for Node.js and MongoDB. With this package, you can easily interact with MongoDB intuitively and straightforwardly.

By using Mongoose in Node.js projects, developers can easily manage and organize your data which results in a successful database structure that’s easy to work with.

Here are some popular features of Mongoose:

  • Support to defining & modeling data usage schemas

  • Inbuilt casting and validation of data

  • Robust query building along with execution

  • It has middleware used for hooks to execute before or after particular database operations

  • It also supports advanced functions like aggregation and population

Hence, these are some of the best NPM packages that every Node.js developer must be thorough with. These packages will help with the easy development of your Node.js projects.

NPM Packages- Final Verdict

In conclusion, the world of Node.js development is amazingly enriched by a huge array of NPM packages that powers up the developers to maintain their workflows, improve application functionality, and give robust solutions. 

The packages we've found here show just a fraction of the vibrant ecosystem available, showing the ingenuity spirit of the Node.js developer community. 

As you trust on your Node.js journey, remember that remaining attuned to the updating landscape of NPM packages will help you to remain ahead in an ever-changing technological landscape. 

By getting the power of these packages and continuously exploring new ones, you'll be well-equipped to get scalable, efficient, and innovative apps that increase the boundaries of what this framework can achieve. So, accept the possibilities, experiment with the tools, and keep building with the incredible resources that NPM has to offer. Happy coding!

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